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Worldwide Free Express Shipping

Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

Shryne Diamanti & CO appreciates your business and is pleased to offer, fully insured, shipping*

There are no hidden fees or additional expenses that will be added onto the cost of the item (loose diamond or jewelry piece) at any point..

Additional information regarding anything purchased through www.ShryneDiamanti.com:

  • All orders are fully insured before shipping by SHRYNE DIAMANTI &CO.
  • Shipments usually take between 3-5 business days after SHRYNE DIAMANTI & CO receives final payment for the order. Please check with your SHRYNE DIAMANTI & CO representative in order to verify shipping times specific to your country as they may vary.
  • Shipments cannot be made to P.O. boxes. Therefore, a proper shipping address, telephone number, and name of receiver must be provided before the sale is complete.
  • No item is shipped until full payment has been received.
  • Every item is shipped with an invoice and an appraisal & a copy of warranty documents if applicable. 
  • Custom or made to order pieces will ship in 2 to 6 weeks depending on the item. Once an item ships, it should arrive in 2-5 business days within the United States unless expedited shipping is requested.Please note that if you've ordered multiple items, we batch them together as one shipment, unless otherwise requested via email ShryneDiamanti@Gmail.com.

Please note that SHRYNE DIAMANTI & CO offers complimentary shipping worldwide - to most countries. However, there are some countries where local restrictions prohibit the import of diamonds and other high value items and/or additional costs may apply. As such, please feel free to contact our team at ShryneDiamanti@Gmail.com if you have questions about shipping. 

Overnight Shipping

Items available for Overnight Shipping are only available to be shipped within the United States. Furthermore, these orders must be completed by 2:00PM EST. An order is only considered completed once the final payment for that product is received by SHRYNE DIAMANTI & CO. Any product that is available for Overnight Shipping will include a link or icon on its product page and will appear on the Overnight Shipping page. If the final payment for these specific products are received before 2:00pm EST, the items will be shipped Overnight to the customers at no extra charge, under the condition that no changes are required. If a change, such as a resize or engraving is needed, the shipping may be postponed.

48 Hour Shipping

All items listed in the 48 Hour Shipping catalog, or that have the 48 hour shipping icon, will be shipped out within 48 business hours from the moment the payment is received at no additional cost. If the payment is only received on a Thursday, the shipment will be delayed until the following Monday. Any jewelry resizing required will be completed within the 48 business hour period in order that the jewelry items are ready to be sent out as soon as possible.

Please note:

48 Hour Shipping and Overnight Shipping will ensure the time frame in which the jewelry is sent, but can in no way guarantee the exact date by when it will arrive. Different countries have different importing regulations that are unfortunately not within SHRYNE DIAMANTI & CO’S control.

SHRYNE DIAMANTI & CO will not be held accountable for any shipping delays. However, all sales representatives will do whatever necessary to help rectify the problems in order to ensure a quick and easy delivery.

The free international shipping is from SHRYNE DIAMANTI & CO  to the address provided by the customer. SHRYNE DIAMANTI & CO will not be responsible in the event that a shipment is held/stored with a carrier or by customs. Furthermore, if fees are applied, the customer will be held responsible to pay the charge in order to have the shipment released. If for any reasons the shipment must be returned back to SHRYNE DIAMANTI & CO , the customer will be held liable for the cost of the returning shipment. In the event that a customer chooses not to complete a transaction, any fees applied for storage and returned shipment will be deducted from the refund issued for the order.

In the event that an extended payment plan is approved the purchase is not covered under the 30-Day-Money-Back-Guarantee. Additionally, any shipping charges, storage costs, taxes incurred, etc., will be the sole responsibility of the customer.